Flakka Treatment in Ocala

Despite the efforts of centers for Flakka treatment in Ocala, the new designer drug has been making headlines as it takes hold in cities across the United States.  Users can take the drug in a number of ways:  injecting, smoking, snorting and swallowing.  No matter how it’s taken, flakka can cause erratic and even deadly behavior in users. The low price and ready availability of the drug contribute to its soaring popularity. If you’re considering addiction treatment, contact Ocala drug rehab centers. Learn how to overcome your addiction.

What is Flakka?

Flakka is made from an amphetamine-like substance called alpha-PVP, a close relative of the active ingredient in “bath salts”.  While the main component of bath salts was banned in 2011, alpha-PVP remains legal in states that haven’t instituted their own ban.  The drug is manufactured overseas, primarily in China; it is then shipped to the United States and other countries worldwide.

What Does It Do?

Flakka works by releasing huge amounts of dopamine in a user’s brain, while simultaneously blocking reuptake:  the process by which neurons settle down and the brain goes back to normal.  When a flood of dopamine hits the brain and is allowed to remain there for hours, a state of “excited delirium” occurs.  Users of the drug experience hallucinations and paranoia, and psychotic episodes are common.  When a person is high on this drug, they might rip off their clothes and run outside, or they may attempt to hurt themselves or people around them.  Users often display a level of unnatural strength that requires several police officers to subdue them.  It’s no surprise that law enforcement officers tend to refer to the drug as “the insanity drug”.

In addition to provoking frightening, violent behavior in users, the drug also poses serious health risks to users.  People who take the drug often experience body temperatures as high as 105 degrees.  In rare cases, the drug can cause muscle tissue to decompose and enter the bloodstream.  This condition is likely to cause kidney damage and even death.

Getting Help

Flakka and other street drugs are particularly dangerous because you can never be sure what other chemicals and compounds are in the drug at any given time.  Overdose and potentially fatal adverse reactions are a serious risk for users.  If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to this drug, help is available.  Even though the drug is relatively new, Ocala treatment centers have programs to help users break free of their addiction to it.  Rehab may take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis, and the length of the treatment program may vary.  With the right treatment, you can overcome your addiction and start a new, drug-free life.

If you’re in crisis, call drug treatment centers in Ocala, or visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://naflorida.org/meetings/) to share your struggles. Dial (352) 360-7348 now.

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