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A medical detox is essential to helping a person who is battling addiction get passed one of the most difficult things they will ever face — drug addiction withdrawal. The detoxification process is the initial step in recovery; however, it is a hurdle that many are unable to get over on their own. A medical detox is one mechanism that has proven to be immensely successful in helping recovering addicts deal with the pain and discomfort that is associated with withdrawal.

Drug Treatment Centers Ocala offers a medical detox, which helps addicts break the physical dependence to their substance of abuse. Our medical staff and addiction clinicians are trained in supporting addicts during withdrawal and have the capacity to provide medical attention when needed. Withdrawal can be dangerous when attempted alone and yields high rates of relapse. Medical Detox with Drug Treatment Centers Ocala ensures safety as well as a comforting environment.

Ocala residential treatment center offers medical detox, therapy, and addiction counseling making it the most effective method of rehabilitation. Call today and speak with a substance abuse counselor about getting the help you need to overcome addiction. (352) 360-7348

The Reason Medical Detox is So Vital

Chemical dependency is a powerful force that can grip a person’s life with such intensity that it can be nearly impossible to break free. A physical addiction is the result of a person consuming a controlled substance in doses and frequency that are conducive to the body adapting to the drug and subsequently developing a bond with it.

When a person uses a drug, the drug triggers a chemical metamorphosis in the brain. The rate of use will determine how rapidly this change will be. At a certain point, the person’s brain will recognize its new chemical composition as being the natural composition; however, the composition is not natural, it is artificially produced by using the drug. So, the brain will begin to demand the drug by triggering uncomfortable physiological reactions in the body.

These physiological responses are usually mild in the onset, but they can become progressively worse if the person does not respond to them by using the drug. These physical reactions are most commonly referred to as withdrawal pains. Once a person begins to experienced withdrawal or the demand by the brain to use, it is indicative of an addiction, and immediate action must be taken to overcome the addiction.

The first step in defeating this addiction is to rid the body of any toxins associated with the drug. This process of ridding the body of the drug is called detoxification, and it is a natural part of the body’s metabolic process. The problem with detoxing is that by starving the body of the drug, it triggers some intense withdrawal symptoms that can cause immeasurable discomfort and pain.

A medically assisted detox will help the person get through the detoxification process with minimal discomfort, allowing them to achieve victory in the first major battle in their fight to become free of the drug.

Don’t Detox at Home

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who are attempting to break free of a drug addiction is attempting to detox at home. Not only does detoxing at home have a very low success rate, it also produces a number of safety concerns.

The primary reason that detoxing at home has such a low success rate is that the intense pain and discomfort experienced during the detox normally drives the person back to using the drug just to escape the horrible feelings that come along with detoxing.

The withdrawal symptoms that are associated with detoxing can also produce a number of serious health complications, including seizures, stroke, cardiac arrest, arrhythmia and more. These complications can be fatal, especially without access to immediate attention. Participating in a medical detox program will ensure that the person will have access to professional medical attention, which increases the chance of a complete recovery.

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